Community Building

  • Create genuine connections by understanding the shared values and interests of your communities.
  • Community management allows businesses to build relationships with their customers and create a space for open dialogue.

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We're a growth marketing agency for startups, scaleups and corporate ventures. We develop strategies that are driven by data, inspired by insight.

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Apart from being the main distributor for Turkish Businesses in Spain we provide multiple consulting services from IOT to AI/ML to Web development using our workforce and partners in Turkey.

What’s included?

  1. Community Building audit
  2. Social Media Strategy & Planning
  3. Content creation for Social Media
  4. Growth hacking for Social Media
  5. Community Creation & Management with Daily interaction
  6. Monthy inform

Grow a Loyal Following Audience

An online community is a great place to foster relationships with customers and other people important to your brand. If done right, you can have an amazing community that adds tremendous value to what you are doing. It can even be a place where you can grow your brand and make more sales.

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Retain and grow the right audiences

We inspect your target audience to determine who the key members of your audience are. We do this by establishing a common goal shared by your key personas.

Create affiliations for brand awareness

We can facilitate connections with high-quality affiliations, partners, and influencers on your area of expertise. This will create trust and help you to reach audiences beyond your scope.

Keep your audience up to date

Stay up to date on the latest developments in a dynamic way through valuable, engaging and entertaining content.

Guide your community’s decision-making process

Maintaining communication with your audiences motivates your spectators to stay engaged and take an interest in your meeting or event at the lowest possible cost.

How can I get your services?

If you are a Spanish or EU company looking to drop down your IT costs, send us a message at +34 623 00 7708 or send us an email at

I am a Spanish business owner. How can I expand my business in Turkey?

Just send us an email at or call us at 0034 623 00 77 08 and we will inform you.

How much does the expansion cost for Turkish companies?

We do not charge Turkish startups on their expansions in Spain. We work with our Turkish customers under exclusive partnership to give their new customers the best service from Spain.

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