Influencers Marketing

  • Influencer marketing is a powerful tool that brands can use in the digital world to achieve their goals.
  • Cloud Blau helps brands engage audiences worldwide through influencers.

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Our Influencer Marketing Program evolved based on a decade of relationships with all different types of influencers and building successful campaigns with them.

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Apart from being the main distributor for Turkish Businesses in Spain we provide multiple consulting services from IOT to AI/ML to Web development using our workforce and partners in Turkey.

What’s included?

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Manual Expert Influencer List Curation and Influencer Vetting.
  2. Organic product-based program for micro, medium tied and macro/”mega star” influencers
  3. Paid Ambassador programs, social media activation, events and sponsored posts
  4. Influencer mailers including mailing list curation, box theme ideation and design, personalized inserts, shipping & handling, email follow up, reporting
  5. Snap-Chat/IG Stories Take-overs, Podcasts
  6. Legal contact work, fee negotiations
  7. Analytics and ROI reporting

Influencer strategies

Finding a well-liked influencer for your brand is a long and arduous process. Our agency enjoys devising creative ways to promote your brand with an influencer campaign.

Influencer contracting

We take care of everything, from the entire process to reaching the final contract. You are free to relax.

Influencer production

Influencers can help personalize your brand’s content to make it more authentic, credible, and engaging to your audience, which subsequently allows for a higher-caliber lead generation and sales.

Influencer reporting

It is essential to report metrics to achieve efficient future influencer campaigns. Whether it is generating leads, increasing sales, improving awareness or something else, we will take every possible step to gain tangible and informative results.

How can I get your services?

If you are a Spanish or EU company looking to drop down your IT costs, send us a message at +34 623 00 7708 or send us an email at

I am a Spanish business owner. How can I expand my business in Turkey?

Just send us an email at or call us at 0034 623 00 77 08 and we will inform you.

How much does the expansion cost for Turkish companies?

We do not charge Turkish startups on their expansions in Spain. We work with our Turkish customers under exclusive partnership to give their new customers the best service from Spain.

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