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  • We create tailored strategies for you to achieve your goals and connect with your audience.
  • Social media marketing agency, specialists in campaign management and social media strategies.

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We open Turkish IT talent and prices to Spanish startups & companies, while helping Spanish companies enter into 85 M Turkish market to expand their businesses.

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Apart from being the main distributor for Turkish Businesses in Spain we provide multiple consulting services from IOT to AI/ML to Web development using our workforce and partners in Turkey.

What’s included?

  1. Create original content such as photography, graphics, stop-motion, animated graphics specific to each social platform.
  2. Write unique captions and hashtags that excite your audience, and elevate the brand and respective products.
  3. Develop consumer giveaways, promotions and brand experiences that capture your audience, produce brand enthusiasm, increase follower count, engagement and sales.
  4. Community engagement and social media customer service
  5. Sophisticated analytics and ROI reporting.

Social Media Strategy

At Cloud Blau we study your market, your competition and your strengths and weaknesses and, accordingly, we define the guidelines to follow so that your presence on social networks gives you visibility and helps you get more leads and sales.

We continuously expand our services. Contact us for a personalised demo

Social Media Campaigns

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, SNAPCHAT, Twitter or LinkedIn allow us to reach our target audience and increase interactions, website traffic and sales.We do it with a message of great visual and emotional impact, that leaves its mark. Seduction is the first step to act.

Social media management

Not all networks are the same and not all users relate to them in the same way. We design valuable content for your target audience and it is displayed on the social platforms used by your Buyer Persona, following a previously established schedule.

We interact with your clients, we monitor what they say about you on social platforms, forums and the Internet and we create communities of prescribers. The best advertising is word of mouth.

Campaigns with influencers

It does not matter what product or service we are interested in: before buying, we want to know what others think of it. We care what our friends and family, consumers, and most of all, the people we follow and admire think.

At Cloud Blau we detect the influencers with whom your target client identifies and we contact them so that they become ambassadors of your brand.

Social Analytics

We will analyze the different statistics of social media and the impact that these actions have on your website. The different monitoring tools will allow us to have your image taken care of and controlled.

How can I get your services?

If you are a Spanish or EU company looking to drop down your IT costs, send us a message at +34 623 00 7708 or send us an email at

I am a Spanish business owner. How can I expand my business in Turkey?

Just send us an email at or call us at 0034 623 00 77 08 and we will inform you.

How much does the expansion cost for Turkish companies?

We do not charge Turkish startups on their expansions in Spain. We work with our Turkish customers under exclusive partnership to give their new customers the best service from Spain.

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